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Privacy  Privacy and genealogy are at odds with each other. According to Dutch privacy legislation it is not allowed  to make information public about living people or even to collect them for other than strictly personal use.  Genealogists on the other want to reconstruct and share their genealogy with others. Interested family  members would like to see their name as being part of it, but want to keep their `shoe size´ private. A  moral dilemma.   To meet all needs, this website publishes limited information of individual living family members. In the  different surname genealogies the following information of living individuals can be found: 1). first  name(s); 2). last name; 3). place of birth; 4). family relation.   This is information is the default privacy protection of `Pro-Gen´, the genealogy software used. The  information on this website can be adjusted at request for yourself and for family members in the first  degree (parents, children, brothers & sisters).   Visitors can fill out a Help Us form, to help us reconstructing the different families. Forms received will be  sent to the listed members of the Research Group. The information will also (in time) be published on the  website, according the privacy policy. It is assumed that contributors agree in this, unless they specifically  stated otherwise.  
Surname bearers can (also) participate in the DNA-Project. For meaningful participation, testees are expected to share their direct male ancestry line  back to the earliest known ancestor. For this they can fill out a DNA Participants Form. These forms will be sent to the other DNA project participants  and to the listed members of the Research Group. Testees can participate anonymously, except for their surname. Details of the testee and his father  will be omitted from the sent around DNA Participants form. The project leader will further act as an intermediary for correspondence.  
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