Welcome to a genealogical website for the surnames Berkhof and Berkhoff.   The surname Berkhof(f) is a Dutch and German surname. According to the Dutch Municipal  Administration of 2007, the name (Van den) Berkhof occurs 1.157 and the name Berkhoff 357 times. For  Germany no exact statistics are known. According the phone book, they can be estimated here at 2 and  189 persons. Approximately another 250 name bearers of both kinds, live in various other countries.   In The Netherlands as well as in Northwestern Germany more regions of surname origin are known. With  this site we hope to stimulate genealogical interest and research. This by making results of research more  easily available. We further hope to reconstruct the different families and to find the surname origin of  each of them.   In addition to the classic paperwork research a genetic DNA Project has been started. DNA research  offers possibilities to establish family relationships where the paper trail stops. All (male) surname  bearers are invited to join into this fascinating new research programm.   Marnix Berkhoff - The Netherlands.
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